We are consultants specialized in providing valuable solutions for Organizations in their international business activity, both Import & Export, as well as in the management of Logistics Operations. In short, to achieve an efficient International Supply Chain in terms of transit times, costs and level of service.

We believe that Action is the engine of results. With our intervention we favor the improvement of the results of our clients.

We are a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the development of International Projects and the management of offshored teams.

Our TEAM is made up of Consultants with strategic vision and extensive experience in management and each specialty in the international arena

Juan Manuel Santos Martín

He has more than 40 years of experience in managerial functions both in the field of Public Administration and in private companies in an international environment. President at Delivering Better Lives Foundation (Spain). He obtained a Master degree in Business Administration (IESE - University of Navarra, Spain).

Eugenio Gamito

Financial Consultant, expert in International Risk Management. More than 40 years of experience in the business world. Economist, Master in Financial Management and International Trade. Former Executive of Grupo Banco Santander, occupying various positions related to International Business. Professor of Business Schools (ESIC,Chambers of Commerce).


If your company (trade, industrial or services) is interested in developing or improving its international activity both from the perspective of business development and from the need to improve its supply management and logistics operations, we can help you


Training in international operations competencies

  • Specific training plan in all the international trade areas and supply chain management, customizable to each Client needs
    • ILT / VILT with online materials support tailored to each Client
    • We are also the benchmark of the International Section of the Business School of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville (Spain). Get access to all the information of our Master and Expert degree programs at the Business School of the Chamber of Seville
  • FUNDAE Public Credits management
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